Real Sheepskin Half Pad - With Removable Memory Foam Inserts

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half pad with inserts-194x194.jpg

Real Sheepskin Half Pad - With Removable Memory Foam Inserts


Help protect your horses back with this breathable, non slip pad. Featuring four seperate removable memory foam inserts. Keep your saddle in place with this pad constructed of real sheepskin and beautiful cotton with a diamond quilt pattern and billet straps. This is the perfect solution when your saddle needs a little adjustment. With the memory foam inserts you can adjust to your horses needs, whether it is balancing issues or sensitive areas on the back or wither. With sheepskin's natural breathable capabilities this makes the perfect addition to your daily riding routine! 


  • Made with four removable memory foam inserts
  • Made with billet straps
  • Protects your horse's back
  • Great for saddle adjustments
  • Enhanced saddle comfort
  • Shock absorbing
  • Rising Half Pads add corrective, therapeutic or orthopedic features to standard saddle pads
  • Outer layer made of 100% cotton
  • Under layer made of 100% Sheepskin
  • Natural breathability
  • Washable once inserts are removed

Available in Medium & Large


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